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6th World Congress of the International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies

Buenos Aires Sheraton, Buenos Aires, Argentina | Head and Neck | 1st Sep 2018

30th International Sialendoscopy Course - Beginners

Geneva, Switzerland | Head and Neck | 3rd Sep 2018

31st International Sialendoscopy Course - Advanced

Geneva, Switzerland | Head and Neck | 5th Sep 2018

Advanced Laryngeal and Pharyngeal Laser & Endoscopic Surgery Course

Dundee Institute for Healthcare Simulation, Dundee, UK | Head and Neck , Laryngology | 10th Sep 2018

This is a 2 days advanced course designed for senior trainees & practising surgeons wanting to develop their skills in laryngeal & phonosurgical skills. Advanced Surgical simulation lab with specially preserved Human cadavers (Thiel embalming method) will

Global Postlaryngectomy Workshop

The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands | Head and Neck | 20th Sep 2018

European Society for Swallowing Disorders Annual Congress 2018

Dublin, Ireland | Head and Neck | 25th Sep 2018

Transoral Approaches for Head-Neck Tumours. An Update. Meet the Experts

School of Medicine, University of Barcelona, Spain | Head and Neck | 28th Sep 2018

Emergency Safe Neck Surgery by Cadaver Dissection

Dundee, UK | Head and Neck | 28th Sep 2018