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Volume 125 Issue 7

  • A UK hospital based multidisciplinary balance clinic run by allied health professionals: first year results
  • Comparison of auditory electrophysiological responses in normal-hearing patients with and without tinnitus

Volume 125 Issue 6

  • Surfers' awareness of the preventability of ‘surfer's ear’ and use of water precautions
  • Quality of life improvement for bone-anchored hearing aid users and their partners

Volume 125 Issue 5

  • Outcome of malleo-stapedotomy using the malleus relocation technique during revision stapes surgery
  • Insertion of middle-ear Silastic sheeting during tympanoplasty: hearing outcomes

Volume 125 Issue 4

  • Current use of and attitudes to e-learning in otolaryngology: questionnaire survey of UK otolaryngology trainees
  • Comparison of vestibular evoked myogenic potentials elicited by click and short duration tone burst stimuli

Volume 125 Issue 3

  • Surgical management of troublesome mastoid cavities
  • Isolated itching of external auditory canal: clinicopathological study with immunohistochemical determination of antimicrobial peptides

Volume 125 Issue 2

  • Applying problem-based learning to otolaryngology teaching
  • Noise exposure in convertible automobiles

Volume 124 Issue 12

  • Molecular and epidemiological analysis of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus otorrhoea: hospital- or community-acquired?
  • Radiological observations on the olfactory fossa and ethmoid roof

Volume 124 Issue 11

  • Editorial
  • Vocal quality of patients treated for laryngeal tuberculosis, before and after speech therapy
  • Incidence of meningitis secondary to suppurative otitis media in adults

Volume 124 Issue 10

  • Medicolegal significance of asymmetrical hearing loss in cases of industrial noise exposure
  • Risk factors associated with dizziness during treatment of mucosal leishmaniasis with meglumine antimoniate: 16-year retrospective study of cases from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Volume 124 Issue 9

  • Long-term middle-ear ventilation with subannular tubes
  • Auditory steady state response in auditory neuropathy