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Volume 124 Issue 11

  • Editorial
  • Vocal quality of patients treated for laryngeal tuberculosis, before and after speech therapy
  • Incidence of meningitis secondary to suppurative otitis media in adults

Volume 124 Issue 10

  • Medicolegal significance of asymmetrical hearing loss in cases of industrial noise exposure
  • Risk factors associated with dizziness during treatment of mucosal leishmaniasis with meglumine antimoniate: 16-year retrospective study of cases from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Volume 124 Issue 9

  • Long-term middle-ear ventilation with subannular tubes
  • Auditory steady state response in auditory neuropathy

Volume 124 Issue 8

  • Cochlear implant patients' speech understanding in background noise: effect of mismatch between electrode assigned frequencies and perceived pitch
  • Quality of life in patients with untreated age-related hearing loss

Volume 124 Issue 7

  • Vibroplasty involving direct coupling of the floating mass transducer to the oval window niche
  • Use of a closed set questionnaire to measure primary and secondary effects of neurofibromatosis type 2

Volume 124 Issue 6

  • Heat shock protein 70 and cellular disturbances in cochlear cisplatin ototoxicity model
  • Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome

Volume 124 Issue 5

  • Neuro-otological findings in tinnitus patients with normal hearing
  • Inferior vestibular neuritis: a novel subtype of vestibular neuritis

Volume 124 Issue 4

  • Worldwide experience with sequential phase-shift sound cancellation treatment of predominant tone tinnitus
  • Quality of life after vestibular schwannoma surgery: does hearing preservation make a difference?

Volume 124 Issue 2

  • Cholesteatoma in three dimensions: a teaching tool and an aid to improved pre-operative consent
  • Complications of bone-anchored hearing aid implantation