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Volume 130 Issue S4

  • From legacy to novel: vidian neurectomy and eustachian tube balloon dilatation in modern ENT practice
  • Open and endovascular repair of aneurysms affecting the distal extracranial internal carotid artery: case series
  • The role of subtotal petrosectomy in cochlear implantation

Volume 130 Issue 07

  • Economics, epidemiology and outcomes
  • Paediatric tympanoplasty: comparative study between patients aged 5–8 years and those aged over 14 years
  • Analysis of the incidence and factors predictive of inadvertent parathyroidectomy during thyroid surgery

Volume 130 Issue 06

  • Service delivery: subspecialisation, emergencies, sharps injuries, personality traits and the ENT surgeon
  • Has the use of the linear incision reduced skin complications in bone-anchored hearing aid implantation?
  • Correlation between liver cirrhosis and risk of death from oral cancer: Taiwan cohort study

Volume 130 Issue 05

  • Glue ear in adults, paediatric sleep apnoea and the nose in exercise
  • Olfactory event-related potentials: a new approach for the evaluation of olfaction in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients treated with chemo-radiotherapy
  • In defence of transpalatal, transpalatal-circumaxillary (transpterygopalatine) and transpalatal-circumaxillary-sublabial approaches to lateral extensions of juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma

Volume 130 Issue 04

  • New anticoagulants, a new book and old gags
  • Comparison of Carina active middle-ear implant with conventional hearing aids for mixed hearing loss
  • Impact of unilateral carbon dioxide laser posterior transverse cordotomy on vocal and aerodynamic parameters in bilateral vocal fold paralysis

Volume 130 Issue 03

  • Medications for Ménière's disease?
  • You can't pay me to quit: the failure of financial incentives for smoking cessation in head and neck cancer patients
  • Pooled analysis of the evidence for open cavity, combined approach and reconstruction of the mastoid cavity in primary cholesteatoma surgery

Volume 130 Issue 02

  • Technology and ENT
  • Glue ear: how good is the information on the World Wide Web?
  • ENT and airways in the emergency department: national survey of junior doctors' knowledge and skills

Volume 130 Issue 01

  • Topical aural antibiotic use in the UK – time for a change of policy?
  • Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices related to chronic suppurative otitis media and hearing impairment in Pokhara, Nepal
  • Subannular tube insertion: anatomical considerations